IOSCO compliant robust guidelines and custom procedures for price assessment
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CoalMint’s credible prices serve as a benchmark for manufacturers, buyers and traders in the industry to settle contracts or to understand the market cost of physical supply of commodities. We have created a robust methodology to ensure the accurate assessment of commodity prices that are governed by CoalMint’s standards of compliance with the public and our stakeholders.
The listed prices are just the tip of the iceberg that’s visible to everyone. The rationale applied by analysts who work behind the scenes is based on a robust market-appropriate methodology, derived from research and data analysis, to assess prices in varied markets. CoalMint seeks to reflect the way markets are traded, rather than impose any one view on the markets — including its own.
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Why Methodology Matters

Our IOSCO-compliant methodology guides analysts to be objective in data analysis and helps maintain consistency in prices assessments over time and across locations.
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How It Works

Market data is collected from a wide cross-section of participants, comprehensively analysed and verified for credibility. Then, based on our rigorous methodology, the final price is published.
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Core Methodology Principles

Our methodologies are rigorous and transparent, reflecting impartial analysis of current market data, including trading practices, buyer/seller price data – maintaining consistency in rationale application.
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How Methodology Benefits Business

With methodology-based price assessments, you will have accurate knowledge of the market and prices, empowering you to negotiate contracts better, increase margins and boost profitability.
CoalMint methodologies bring consistency and robustness to our price assessments through principles and parameters that guide our market specialists at every stage of the process. In this section you will find documentation for all published price assessments and indices by commodity.
Price Assessments Catalog
We provide spot price assessments for various coal commodities. View the latest on our key price assessments across our commodity coverage.
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Complaints and Feedback
SteelMInt strives to provide information of the highest standards to its customers and to conduct its business with integrity.
However, we recognize that occasionally customers may not be satisfied with the services provided by SteelMInt and wish to escalate matters. To raise a complaint with us, you can: Speak to our existing contacts within Client Support, alternatively email or write directly to the Chief Compliance Officer, SteelMInt

We promote the understanding of our assessment procedures and encourage wide client interaction regarding our pricing methodology.

In case of doubts or queries, please do get in touch with us. We will respond with the relevant information in a timely manner.

Without a doubt, the CoalMint Price Assessment Team strongly values all interaction and queries sent by customers, as it helps us fine tune our methodology and principles to reflect relevant feedback that is beneficial to all.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Methodology Manager, for any suggestions, queries and scope for improvement.

Email: [email protected]
Date commodity Type Title Download
10-Mar-2022 Coal new Pricing Notice: CoalMint launches Thermal coal price assessment for Australia and U.S.
27-Apr-2021 Coal correction Changes in CNF India,Gangavaram assessment
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