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South African coal exports increase by nearly 40% m-o-m in Mar'23
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11 Apr 2023, 18:33 IST
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South Africa's thermal coal exports increased by 37% m-o-m to 5.5 million tonnes (mnt) in March 2023 as against 4 mnt in February. Exports increased amid favourable market conditions and reduced exports from Indonesia amid Ramadan.

Among European countries, The Netherlands was the largest importer with 0.30 million tonnes (mnt) followed by Spain with 0.25 million tonnes (mnt).

The Netherlands imported the largest share of South African coal in March amongst European countries due to competitive pricing, demand for energy production, and supply chain relationships between Dutch and South African companies.

Exports to major Europian countries qty in mnt, Govt. data updated

South Africa recorded the highest exports to India at 2.13 mnt in March, up 58% m-o-m against 1.35 mnt in February. Shipments to India increased amid high domestic demand by the DRI sector. Also, decreased Indonesian production in March led to Indian buyers focusing more on South African coal.

Exports to major Asian countriesqty in mnt, Govt. data updated

Exports to Pakistan recorded a significant rise to 0.05 mnt as against zero a month ago.

Exports to Japan were recorded at 0.17 mnt in March against 0.05 mnt in February. Japan slashed its reliance on Russian coal and hence increased sourcing from South African miners.

Exports to China fell to zero against 0.19 mnt in February. Chinese imports fell amid increased imports from Australia. Chinese authorities have allowed all domestic companies to import Australian coal, thereby putting an end to the 'informal' trade restrictions imposed in late 2020.

South African coal exports may trend lower amid decreasing demand by importers mainly due to rising domestic production by major Asian countries.


11 Apr 2023, 18:33 IST



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