India: Bharat Petroleum cuts pet coke prices across refineries
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8 Jun 2021, 19:30 IST
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India's state-run Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has decreased petroleum coke prices at its two refineries with effect from 1 Jun'21.

At BPCL's Bina refinery in Madhya Pradesh, pet coke price for road supplies is revised to INR 12,814/tonne (t), a decrease of INR 181/t compared with last month's price of INR 12,995/t.

The price for rail supplies is also decreased by INR 181/t to INR 12,864/t as against last month's price of INR 13,045/t.

At BPCL's Kochi refinery in Kerala, pet coke price for rail supplies is revised to INR 10,861/t, a decrease of INR 226/t from last month's price of INR 11,087/t.

There are no road supplies of pet coke from BPCL's Kochi refinery.

Production and dispatch statistics of BPCL:

Average production of pet coke at BPCL's Bina refinery is 40 kilotonnes (kt) per month, out of which about 15 kt is consumed in its captive power plant (CPP). Thus, around 25 kt of pet coke is sold in the domestic market, mostly to cement manufacturing companies in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Pet coke is dispatched either by rail or by road transport from the Bina refinery. Rail supplies of pet coke cost INR 50/t more than road supplies.

Notably, there were no sales of pet coke from Bina refinery during Jul-Oct'20 as it was being fully consumed by the CPP, but from Nov'20 onwards the refinery started offering certain quantities for sale to customers.

The offered quantity gradually increased to about 15-20 kt per month. However, it was learnt that pet coke availability for sale to customers had further reduced from Apr'21 to around 10 kt.

Pet coke production at BPCL's Kochi refinery averages around 80-85 kt per month, which is mostly supplied to cement manufacturers. It is further understood that apart from the general prices as mentioned above, the company offers customer-specific prices to the major cement companies.


8 Jun 2021, 19:30 IST



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