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CoalMint is a premier research and business intelligence company on the Indian and global coal and coke markets. Our data and insights are granular as well as holistic – focusing on the minutest day-to-day details of the market while striving to present the big picture.

Actionable insights prepared by us equip our subscribers with reliable and timely market know-how required to take prudent business decisions.

Our offerings range from prices, news and reports to shipping and port stock data, freight rates and cargo vessel status.


"To be the most dependable and comprehensive market information provider in the world pertaining to the coal and coke markets."

Vision Elaboration

We have a vision where everyone in the world makes informed and considered decisions driven by reliable and trusted data, information and insights derived through robust, evolved and globally benchmarked processes at CoalMint. Better decisions by everyone enable creation of a better world.


To build the most trusted market intelligence platform pertaining to the coal and coke markets, and simultaneously create a dense network of players in the markets for mutual benefits.

Mission Elaboration

Our Mission is to strive to continuously provide our clients with reliable and timely actionable information, insights and perspectives through our highly evolved and robust data processes and IOSCO compliant price assessments using the most appropriate and state of the art, cutting edge technology.

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